The erotic board game for couples and swingers

"Couple Game Unlimted" is the new erotic board game for 2 to 8 open-minded couples. The double sided game board offers 2 levels, softcore and hardcore, and is designed for beginners all the way to experienced swingers. The 30 "action" fields per side contain special and erotic tasks that are visually displayed. Each position on the board and the associated action for men or women is also explained in the game description. For each action you have only a limited time available. The game offers a lot of erotic fun for all couples. Additional new options and an exclusive web app for couple game players make this game one of the best adult games on the market.

key features


One side of the board is specially designed for new players. Play this version with new friends or couples if you are not sure how "far" you want to go! For a lot of fun 3 or more couples are perfect to play.


The other side of the board is specially designed by swingers for swingers and experienced couples. There are a lot less taboos and all couples will soon enjoy playing together!


Each side of the game board is designed to combine play acting and erotic fun. The game is designed for at least 2 couples; the more couples, the more fun since the tasks can involve several players.


Each player must complete the task described on the game board where they land. For some tasks you can collect diamonds - or redeem them if you do not want to fulfill the task. All tasks are limited in time (by an hourglass). The winner of the game is the couple with the most diamonds. The playing time can also be limited in advance.


In the Softcore version the highest action is oral sex and no task has actual sexual intercourse.  There are mainly erotic tasks such as taking off clothes or "fondling" other people. The players can switch to the hardcore version at any time if all players agree. You can find some examples of the softcore tasks below.


The hardcore version gets right to the point. Although designed for experienced couples and swingers, there is probably at least one task for which you would rather use a diamond, so that you don't have to complete the task. For all tasks there is a time limit, otherwise most of the guys would not be able to complete the first round ;-).

New features of couple game unlimted



With this new web-app you can ...

  • Create your own profile with pictures,
  • find other players near you,
  • advertise game evenings for couples,
  • Apply for game nights with others,
  • or simply arrange to meet other players

Simply register free and anonymously at “” or download via QR code. The QR Code and your personal registration code for the app you will find in the game description.




With Couple-Game Unlimited you have the opportunity to replace each field with your personal, individual tasks. Depending on the experience, inclination or special wishes of the players, you can integrate new tasks into the game. To do this, cover the desired field with a "Special Mission" sticker - and enter the new task for the woman and the man in the designated page of the game description. After each game you can replace the stickers to use them for next indiviual and special wishes.



  • Put a hand in a player's pants and see if he or she is already horny !!!
  • Orders all male players to take off a piece of clothing.
  • Use the "Sexposition" dice and simulate the position with the player to your right..
  • The playerwho throws the highest number using the dice touches your pussy with his dick. (but no penetration allowed).
  • Stand in front of any player facing away from them and with your legs apart  - you will be fondled from behind.
  • Massage and caress the butt of a desired player with oil.
  • Striptease - Take off your clothes or use a diamond as a joker to keep 1 piece of clothing !!!


examples Hardcore tasks

  • Your hands are tied behind you; then all male players lick you all over your body at the same time.
  • The player to the left inserts his dick in you, but he is not allowed to move until the hourglass expires.
  • Let yourself be licked by 2 players of your choice. Each of the 2 players will receive a diamond.
  • The female player who throws the highest number on the dice has her breasts oiled; then you rub your dick in between.
  • You are fucked by all men at the same time (double or more) but you decide what is allowed.
  • Blindfold!!! - All players penetrate you one after another - if you guess who is, you will receive a diamond.

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